Bringing Heaven To Earth

People have paid attention to the movement of the planets and the path of the Sun since human life began. Astrology was developed by the Babylonians over 2,000 years ago. Today is it used as a form of psychology, to help determine favourable dates for events and/or on a more personal level to find out compatibility between people.
Astrology Sessions
I offer a number of different Astrology sessions depending on your needs. All live sessions via Skype are recorded and your Astro chart/s emailed. Book Your Astrology Basic Silver Level Skype 60 mins £60

If you need a more In Depth Reading book a 90 min session
Book Your Astrology in Depth Gold Level Skype 90 mins £70

For clients that have already had a session with me I offer a follow-up Astro session
Book Your Astrology Bronze Level Follow-Up Skype 60 mins £50

Pre-Recorded Audio Sessions are uploaded to Google Drive and your Astro chart emailed to you.
Book Your Personal Pre-Recorded One Hour Audio Reading £60

I also offer Psychic Skype Readings that include Astrology and Cards. In this session I photo the cards you choose and email them to your after your session.
Book Your 60 min Psychic Skype Reading £65

I have been broadcasting Learn Astrology with Mary podcast since 2017 with over a third of a million downloads.
If you'd like to learn Astrology personally with me, please download my PDF with all the info
There are six lessons in the first series Intro To Astrology which will give you enough understanding to read a chart.
Click here to book your first lesson.
Book Lesson One £30

Hello Mary~
Thank you for such a meaningful, educational, inspirational reading today. I absolutely found it beneficial in many aspects and appreciate your beautiful caring heart, wisdom, and precious time you spent with me. I will listen to our session again, as well as read the information you sent me. Until next time, much gratitude and peace (and stay healthy),